Thank you for stopping by – I want this website to be for you! Vegan Cooking Online has been my dream for a very long time!

I dream of cooking great Vegan food with EVERYONE and increasing awareness of the Vegan lifestyle – both for human health and well-being and for that of the animals we would not eat!

I would especially like to take the journey with non-Vegans, letting them see how delicious non-meat eating can be and get them to just try a dish without animal products!

My greatest enjoyment is cooking and serving a great vegan meal to a staunch meat-eater and help him/her see how satisfying and delicious non-animal-product food is.

I dream of doing what I love for a living and doing my part to improve our lives.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me launch Vegan Cooking Online, especially Lennon! His help has been invaluable. He actually made this site a reality from the first digital stroke to becoming the beautiful site that it is now. He put hours and hours of work into it and I appreciate it very much. I want to thank Michael, Valerie, Haley and Spencer for their help in making this website a reality. Valerie has been very encouraging from the beginning; she loves my food and always tells me so. Haley’s is the beautiful voice on my theme song which she also wrote. Spencer helped film some of the first episodes. Michael chopped and typed recipes and helped me figure out a lot  “Thank you” to all of you for your hard work and support! We all had to have super high Emotional Intelligence to make it happen – especially Lennon and me! But we did it!

The site is totally free!  Just sign up with your email address.  I NEVER sell rent or loan any email addresses.  Your privacy is totally respected.  I only use your email address to let you know when new videos are up!  

Thank you again for visiting my new site!  Mair Berkshire!

Please call, e-mail or text me any time, with questions about cooking, vegan eating or just to say “Hi”! My phone number is 213-408-5354 and my e-mail is