5 blocks of extra firm tofu ¼ C of toasted sesame oil
¼ C of tamari 3 Tblspns of Arrowroot powder
2 Tblpsns of sage 2 Tblspns dried rosemary
½ tspn of black pepper ½ tspn of Celtic Gray sea salt
¼ C of Vegan Worcestershire
Anything else that you think would taste good. It is a flexible recipe.
Your favorite stuffing — I will be posting a vegan stuffing later this week.
The first step is to take the 5 blocks of tofu and put them on a plate with a weight on top – 2 or 3 large plates and a pan of water on top of them. Leave that overnight to push the water out of the tofu. Keep draining it and pat it off with a towel. Place the blocks of tofu in a mixing bowl along with the oil and ingredients shown above. Use a potato masher with small holes and then squish it with your hands to really mix it all together.

Put the mixture into a colander that is lined with cheese cloth. Pat it down extra tight with your hands. Refrigerate it overnight (preferably) to remove more of the tofu “milk”.

Make the stuffing of your choice, hollow out a hole in the center of the tofu, putting the tofu in a bowl. leaving an inch around the edges of the colander and at least 1-2 inches at the bottom of the tofu. Scoop the stuffing into the hole and pat it down tightly. Cover the stuffing with the saved tofu and pat it down tightly again. Put a dinner plate over the colander and flip the roast onto the plate. Using the cheese cloth, slide the roast onto a cookie sheet and with your hands, press it gently to make it tightly packed. Remove the cheese cloth and make the basting sauce.

½ C tamari ½ C dark sesame oil
¼ C Worcestershire sauce ¼ C orange juice
Whisk the ingredients together and using a pastry brush, coat the tofu roast liberally, saving some of the sauce for another coating later in the cooking process.

Bake the sauce-coated tofu roast on the cookie sheet, covered with aluminum foil, at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Remove the foil, brush on more sauce and cook another 20 minutes.

3-4 Tblspns of Olive oil 1 tspn dried dill
1 C of sliced mushrooms 6 C of spring water
½ C tamari ¼ tspn of Celtic Gray sea salt
3 Tblspns of brown rice flour (you can use wheat flour if you choose)
2 tspns of fresh chives
Saute the mushrooms, chives, tamari, salt together until the mushrooms are brown. Turn off the heat, add the spring water, and bring the flame up to boil.
Make a roux, by taking 3 tblspns of brown rice flour and 2 Tblspns of oil to make a paste, adding the dill to it. Slowly whisk the roux into the boiling mixture. If you want it thicker, add more roux and whisk it in. Turn it down to a lower boil and cook it until it is the thickness you want.